Product Benefits

When you contact MTI, you deal directly with informed people, who will understand your needs, we have no automated phone systems with time wasting and confusing menus.

Capable people are at your service and on time deliveries are a priority.

Featuring Whisper Soft Poly material, quieter, not lighter just softer, available for various types of microscopes in the market today.

Our products feature:

  • Leica/Wild ® (68mm lens), Zeiss MD/CS/11 ® (65mm lens), and all other Zeiss OPMI ® scopes with 48mm lens.

  • CSR Wrap on all microscope drapes, Double Wrapped for sterile technique. Easy transfer.

  • Drapes feature poly tie straps for taking up slack, Velcro closures for tight fit around oculars, standard widths 20" for ENT scopes,42" or 54" wide for procedures requiring outside observer tubes. Lengths are 38" to 154" long, you choose the coverage length for your technique preference.

MTI was the first company to manufacture drapes with OPTICS ONE ™ the clearest lens in the world made from glass the only optically clear material which allows the surgeon to operate with perfect vision. Maintaining proper technique with NO HOLES in the sterile field, the surgeon never needs to compromise the integrity of the surgical procedure.

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